Total facilities management services provider Emrill has launched a company-wide COVID-19 vaccination programme for its UAE employees. The company has been providing front line services, including cleaning, sterilisation and disinfection, for communities throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi since the pandemic broke. The vaccination campaign is the latest measure taken by Emrill to ensure the safety of its workforce.

Emrills Head of HR, Renji Mathew, explained why the vaccination programme is critical to Emrills continued commitment to the safety of its people: At the beginning of 2021, the UAE Government set the ambitious target of inoculating more than half of the countrys citizens and residents by the end of March 2021. Since then, over 2.6 million doses have been given to the public, putting the UAE on track to achieve its target. The government has urged community members who can safely be vaccinated to do so, offering the vaccine for free across the emirates by way of encouragement.

It was important for Emrill to support the governments initiative and do everything we can to ensure our front line employees can go to work safely, which is made possible by receiving the vaccination. In addition to protecting our employees, rolling out this vaccination campaign also gives us the opportunity to better protect our clients, their residents and visitors, and the wider community.

Emrills vaccination campaign launched on January 24 and concluded on January 27, 2021. The organisation partnered with Medi Q Healthcare Group, a  subsidiary of Tamouh Healthcare, to set up dedicated vaccination centres at its mainheadquarters and across its Dubai accommodation sites. Over the four-day programme, 84 per cent ofEmrill’s eligible employees received their first dose of the vaccine, including office and site-based staff.

Before the centres opened to Emrill employees, the company launched an awareness campaign to promote the vaccines benefits and provide employees with all the facts they needed to make an informed vaccination decision.

Stuart Harrison, Emrills CEO, said: We wanted to ensure our employees had access to the latest data and information to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Every member of Emrills management team that can take the vaccine has done so, and we wanted to share our experience with the entire team, so they knew what to expect.

We saw this as an opportunity to not only support the government and promote safety but also to act as an example. Our hope is our employees friends and family members will be encouraged to also get vaccinated. Ultimately, our decision to be vaccinated will help people to stay safe and save lives. Were very grateful the UAE authorities have made the vaccine so widely available and have given us tremendous support throughout the pandemic.

Emrills vaccination programme is the latest initiative in its ongoing commitment to its employees health, safety, and wellbeing. Throughout the year, Emrill gives its employees access to leading health professionals through a series of seminars and workshops. The company also holds events and dedicated week-long programmes to increase health awareness and promote mental wellbeing.