One of the region’s leading recruiters dismisses Ramadan downturns in the construction recruitment industry and says summer 2018 is a key period for sourcing talent

Marcus Taylor of specialist construction recruiter, Taylor Sterling Associates and co-founder of claims 2018 has witnessed a larger number of companies implementing strategic measures to ensure they come out of the most recent downturn both stronger and leaner.

“Throughout my twelve years of industry experience in the GCC, it has become very apparent the level of productivity during the Ramadan period been on a steady incline, year after year,” he said. “This has changed to the extent our busy construction recruitment agency has only experienced one client thus far this year who suggested they would delay an assignment until after Ramadan.”

Cost-cutting and the stalling of projects has disrupted growth plans of many companies in the construction and engineering industries, despite oil reaching US$75 per barrel for the first time in nearly half a decade.

And, according to Taylor, this a key period for companies to grab talent that may never been previously available. “Is it the right time to bring your job search to a halt? Or to take recruitment off your list of top priorities?” he posed. “It certainly is not. Last year we concluded an 18-month survey revealing 76% of placements were passive candidates, 80% of those were in the top 25% of performers. Now is the time to go out and get the right people to take companies to the next level.” is the first and only job portal dedicated to the region’s construction and engineering sector. The portal allows organisations and candidates to upload video profiles and the addition of video adverts enables the site’s commercial partners to distinguish themselves from the competition as employers of choice in a targeted environment.

Commenting on the market need for the sector-specific job portal, Taylor said: “Employers operating within the built environment have been waiting for the introduction of a sector-specific job portal for many years. The sheer scale of projects means most firms in this industry need to change the way they recruit to avoid skills gaps, shortages, and mismatches. In this game, you have to be proactive rather than reactive and this is the perfect platform to ensure companies stay ahead of the competition in terms of their most important assets – their people.”



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