Over 50% of business travellers surveyed by Censuswide cite a good night’s sleep as the most important factor when it comes to achieving productivity, with comfort cited by 55% of respondents as the most important factor when travelling for business.

In fact, a good night’s sleep was cited by 56% of 25-34-year old’s as a key factor which allowed them to be more productive when travelling for business. Whilst this factor was even more important to the 45-54-year-old category, with 70% signalling its importance. Natural light was also cited as a key factor to unlocking productivity with 35% of overall respondents flagging this.

Sandra Schulze-Potgieter, Vice President Premium & Select Brands, Middle East & Africa, Marriott International commented, “More and more business travellers are seeking consistency, reliability, and ultimately a brand that delivers and allows them to achieve the purpose of their trip. The brand harnesses the power of efficiency, focusing on what is important, whether that’s comfortable rooms, great food and beverage or powerful showers and delivers it flawlessly every time. We are committed to providing seamless flow for our guests by meticulously delivering the key essentials they need and eliminating everything they don’t.”

The results show that despite or perhaps as a direct result of our incessant 24/7 culture, essentially, we are returning to what is most important and basic, and that is not frills, extras or even experiences.