Humanscale_M-Connect 2_Angle

Humanscale, a pioneer in workplace design, today launched an ergonomic solution, which allows workstations to adapt to users, not the other way around.

With Humanscale’s  Middle East launch of M/Power™ and M/Connect 2™, whether at work, at home or on the go, users can enjoy a cable clutter-free workspace and a powerful charging hub designed for multiple personal devices.

The global brand continues to deliver new solutions for today’s intelligent, connected workplace with the newest additions to the Humanscale Connectivity series, a range of technology-integrated tools to address the changing needs of computer users. This new category of solutions targets key trends emerging in contract design: the shrinking office, the connected office, health and wellness at work, and the rise of hot-desking. Today, the use of multiple devices for professional and personal purposes, is increasingly common. Understanding these evolving workstation needs, Humanscale has created power and connectivity solutions to allow users to reshape their workspaces.

M/Power™ is a USB Type-A and Type-C charging station with audio pass through that saves space and offers convenient, high-speed charging for personal devices. Compatible with any Humanscale monitor arm and designed specifically for desktops, M/Power™ offers instant access to charging and audio that is typically out of reach with today’s common computer placement, all while eliminating desktop clutter. Designed for high-security work environments that use desktops, laptops and notebooks, M/Power™ charges personal devices without enabling the transfer of data, thereby protecting both user privacy and classified company information.

Like all Humanscale products, M/Power™ was designed to maximise user performance with a focus on function, simplicity and longevity. The result is a unique charging station, compatible with Humanscale monitor arms to offer an all-in-one solution, designed to support workers in an active, adaptive workspace.

M/Connect 2™ is a new USB docking station that provides power delivery to USB-C and Thunderbolt notebooks while being backwards compatible to USB 3.0 notebooks, offering a universal solution during the transition from USB 3.0.

M/Connect 2™’s innovative split dock technology allows all cables to be connected under the desk and off the work surface, limiting accessibility to connections the user does not require. The hub is easily accessible on the desk, providing the user with immediate access to data, charging and audio ports.

All the user’s audio and visual needs are addressed seamlessly. M/Connect 2™ supports 4K video resolution for up to two monitors or one monitor at 5K. It also features a combination headphone and microphone port, providing a convenient connection for headphones or speakers.

By increasing usable workspace, providing greater accessibility to ports, eliminating cable clutter and offering complete monitor adjustability, M/Connect 2™ vastly improves the comfort, health and performance of today’s computer user.

M/Power™ and M/Connect 2™ are now available to buy in the Middle East. Please direct product and distribution enquiries to Humanscale. Prices start at US$534.