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Ever wanted to buy art, but afraid because if you don’t know what you are doing and galleries can often be snobby? Then Art Dubai is for you!

Over the past 5 years, the art scene in the UAE has grown exponentially, with the steady progress of local galleries exhibiting museum-quality artworks, by regional and international artists. Strong gallery programs, the opening of cultural institutions and initiatives such as Art Dubai contribute greatly to the global recognition the UAE art market has gained.

Founded in 2007, the annual festival that is Art Dubai, is the preeminent platform to see contemporary artworks from 48 international galleries.

What makes this fair so significant, is the bridging of cultures, the exchange of ideas, networking, educational programs and access to contemporary artists. Art Dubai’s programme offers something to everyone, whether it’s just having a look around and learning about different galleries and artists, or attending talks and panel discussions.

Serving as an ideal platform for a novice collector to gain access to an international, dynamic market those new to the art world shouldn’t be put off from attending, says Salma Shaheem, joint venture partner and head of Middle Eastern Markets at The Fine Art Group. She believes that Art Dubai 2018 is a must-attend for both art collectors and want to be’s, who may otherwise be afraid to go…


Art Dubai is an excellent opportunity to view artworks and learn about the current, contemporary art market.

Art Dubai’s educational program has so much to offer, whether you are new to collecting or not, the art market is constantly growing and changing, therefore this is a great opportunity to learn and participate.


At Art Dubai, people can find and acquire unique artworks.  It is a platform for primary market pieces, therefore, acquiring works from the fair positively affects the market for these artists.

“Visiting an art fair such as Art Dubai is very important for a collector because it is a glimpse into the international art market,” states Shaheem. “Art enthusiast or otherwise, I encourage everyone to visit Art Dubai, explore the art market, learn something new and acquire artworks.”