Middle East IT departments are under pressure to be a focal part of their company’s digital transformation – but they must balance their desire to change with the need to act on daily challenges

Instead, enterprises should move to more efficient infrastructure due to shrinking or static budgets, and ensure every aspect of their IT is secure and always ‘on’. These efforts must deliver cutting-edge services for business data and applications to differentiate and compete in the market.

This explains why the virtual storage market is so ripe. Gartner predicts that by 2019, about 30 percent of the global storage array capacity installed in enterprise data centers will be deployed with software-defined storage or hyper-converged integrated system architectures based on x86 hardware systems. This is a huge leap from today’s less than 5 percent.

VMware vSAN is proving to be a popular choice – with over 7,000 customers having adopted the virtual storage software solution. New virtual storage features accelerate data center modernization by addressing higher security, lower cost, and faster performance.

Addressing the need for native security and availability

Security is a top priority. Virtual storage delivers security with great simplicity and cost savings. Businesses are tasked with having to always be ‘on’ and they need protection to be able to deliver that, another factor which explains why virtual storage is such an attractive proposition.

Fundamentally, it is about taking security very seriously, so that if something goes wrong, the application is not impacted. Digital transformation is about being able to provide the end user with the best experience possible, and that means the business needs to be ‘on’ at all times.

A key challenge for enterprises is to deliver greater efficiencies both in terms of resources and staff. Virtual storage can help here, delivering specific capabilities to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot across the entire end-to-end infrastructure, increasing IT efficiency.

Enterprises are not just looking to overcome the obstacles they face today – they need to build for a digital future. Software-defined storage comes can prepare customers for tomorrow’s IT demand with optimized performance for next-generation hardware platforms and applications.

Digital transformation is hard enough without having to think about managing security threats, stretched resources, and slow responsiveness. Virtual storage is delivering modern IT infrastructure with native Hyper Converged Infrastructure security, lower cost of ownership, and optimized flash performance for next generation workloads.

All of this equips IT departments with the foundation to succeed in the future – with virtual storage as the backbone of Middle East business digital transformation.

By: Ahmed Auda, Managing Director – Middle East and North Africa at VMware