Do people see you and your business for what it really is?  What do people think when see the image you portray on social media and the internet?

We all like to look good.  Well most of us anyway.  Putting your best side forward highlights you.  If we go to a wedding we dress up.  If we go out to dinner we dress up.  It makes us feel good, helps give a greater feeling of confidence and pride but we dress up for another reason and that’s to be seen.

We are a visual race, making assessments with our eyes before we even open our mouths and communicate.  Whether we are watching a film, buying products and services, enjoying art.  Whatever it is we do, we dictate our lives through everything visually and this is none more relevant than to business.

It is important to portray ourselves in the best way possible.  Each business works to be better than the next, providing products and services that we want to excel in the market place.

However we face challenges in business from time to time and for many, cash flow is one of them.  There is a need to sell our products and / or services to ensure that we can pay the staff and bills.  You may have a website, flyers, business cards, marketing campaigns and so on, but where do you get your images and design from?  Are you happy with stock images that fail to show your company or branding effectively, knowing that other companies will have the same images on their websites? For many out comes the smart phone or pocket camera. We are in a world where tech makes us all feel like photographers. They are good nowadays; however they do reduce your value, ethic and brand identity.

The Value


Photography Studio

Photography Studio

The value of taking professional photographs is very important in order to highlight and showcase your hard work.  Placing yourself, company, your service and/or product in front of your customers in the best possible way increases the investment.

Let’s for example use car buying. Take my shots highlighted with this article.  Honestly, which would have you calling for more details.

On average 97% of people purchase their next car having already seen it online.  They will spend close to 5 minutes or more looking through many website pages. Add great looking images and you’ll be more likely to keep your potential customers on your pages.  The more they look the more they’ll be picking up that phone and enquiring about a test drive. It is therefore going to increase your leads and improve your customer base and all down to the presence of professional images. You will have heard the phrase “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words” The greater your image the more positive the response.

The Wrong Image


Dealership comparison shot

Dealership comparison shot

You are in the business of selling.  Cutting costs on presentation is cutting the chances of prospective customers.  Another question for you. You have a job interview, what do you wear?  The suit right! You want to present yourself in the best way possible and have the best chance at bagging the job.

Presentation is one of the most important areas of marketing. You like every person on earth will make an assessment on what you see.

Spending a little extra on great imagery will draw in the savings.

James Hutchinson
James Hutchinson
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