A new guide advising on all the things that people residing outside of their home country need to be aware of  has been released

The guide, written by Friends Provident and titled A matter of life and death, covers the key issues for expatriates if the worst should happen. For example, many people will not be aware that if you die while resident in the UAE your bank account will be frozen until probate is granted – and that’s the case even for joint bank accounts. The guide makes suggestions on how certain aspects of dealing with a death in the family can be made easier for those left behind.

“I realised shortly after arriving in the UAE is that there is a general lack of understanding among expatriates around how to deal with a death while resident abroad. As the famous German writer Thomas Mann once said, ‘A man’s dying is more his survivor’s affair than his own’,said Marcus Gent, Managing Director, Middle East and Africa at FPI.

“A matter of life and death has been developed to give people food for thought and to make them think about how to structure their personal and financial situation to the best effect, which in turn will help those that may be left behind to deal with matters in accordance with their wishes. While no one likes to think about dying – and indeed no one should spend too much time thinking about it – knowing that you have taken steps to ensure your family is taken care of, even if you’re not around, can be a great source of comfort.”

The guide covers such matters as writing a will, how to register a death and how to arrange for the burial, cremation or repatriation of remains.

“Life as an expatriate in the UAE can be fulfilling, but complications can arise when it comes to death, unless you have planned accordingly.  Life insurance should form a cornerstone of any robust financial planning.  I would encourage anyone without cover to speak with a financial adviser who will be able to explain the benefits, help them assess their situation and recommend a plan with suitable cover,” explained Philip Cernik, Chief Marketing Officer, Middle East and Africa at FPI.


Printed copies of A matter of life and death are available from FPI’s distribution partners and can be downloaded from the websitewww.fpinternational.ae.