Online video marketing is one of the fastest advertising segments in the world. In fact, in a recent marketing study performed by BrightRoll (who were acquired by Yahoo late last year) 25% of online marketers are in the opinion that it will be the fastest growing segment

There are many reasons online video is sought after by advertisers and marketers. More efficient measuring capabilities such as click through rates, conversion and completed views, and the brand uplift it offers including the price relative to TV. But the truth is that over half of the ad agencies respondents report that targeting capability is the most valuable aspect of digital video. With that said, it is clear that video is an established leader in digital advertising with proven effectiveness, clearer success metrics to measure ROI and continued technological advancements to meet advertisers’ campaign goals, but, how do you create a successful video campaign?  Madeline Familia at Creative Voices PR shares her top tips to get you in the right direction:

Review Your Corporate Marketing Strategy


Filming on location

Filming on location

Before designing any marketing campaign, it’s important to review your company’s overall marketing, messaging, and lead generation strategy. Any video marketing strategies or campaigns that are developed should be a natural extension of your company’s overall marketing strategy.

Define Campaign Objectives 

Determine and quantify the primary goal of your video marketing campaign. Is your goal to drive new customer leads, win back lost customers, or to identify additional revenue opportunities with existing customers?

Develop Campaign Messaging 

Developing relevant, targeted, and concise messaging will lay the foundation for your video marketing campaign. It’s getting more and more difficult to grab people’s attention, so you must start strong. Also, don’t be intimidated by marketing automation tools to send your video campaigns. One great example is mailchimp. For more advance and targeted automation tools use MemeVideo’s newest tools for marketers, Robocop 2.3. Robocop 2.3 will enable marketers to better manage your video advertising campaigns, by precisely targeting their audience and create a more laser-focused digital campaign and that will better maximize your returns and leading to more qualified sales leads.

Consider Video Production Options 


A big on site production

A big on site production

On-site shoots make perfect sense, however, there are other video production options such as using motion graphics or repurposing existing marketing assets into marketing videos that can be highly effective and less costly than an on-site video shoot. You will have to take into account both your message and your target audience, put yourself in their shoes and try to guess how exactly your message is better delivered.

Ensure Reliable Streaming across Web, Mobile & Social Channels 


Social media plays a key role in the success of the campaign

Social media plays a key role in the success of the campaign

Make sure your video can be reliably streamed everywhere potential customers might view it, specifically across web, mobile, and social channels. You don’t want to make a video and then find out that your intended audience is having trouble viewing it.

Measure Results 

Analyze and measure the success of your video marketing campaign. Analytics are a key part of every marketing campaign. Did you achieve your stated campaign goals? Be sure to monitor video analytics including the plays, time viewed, viewer engagement, traffic sources, and geographic location. The optimization of your marketing campaign should start as soon as you collect enough data to make solid conclusions. This data must be collected as early as the campaign is launched.

Drive Campaign Traffic 

Create viewership for your marketing video by using email, PPC and social campaigns to drive traffic to your video landing page. Leverage your existing marketing channels to drive potential leads and customers to your video landing page. A stand alone marketing video will not produce the desired marketing results.

To sum up, Video is a great marketing tool that has the potential to dramatically increase leads and conversions for your company. Following all seven steps described and you are well on your way to having a successful video campaign.