With a long weekend and holidays on the horizon, plus too many business trips to pack into no time at all, how can you pack light, quickly but have all you need?

Who better to ask than AirWayBill, a peer-to-peer app that lets travellers earn while they travel.  To maximise earning potential for travellers, AirWayBill has put together the following quick and simple tips:

The Packing List

Starting off with a list helps travellers get organised, in fact it forces them to think about what is necessary, versus what is nice to have. Preparation is always key.

Packing Hacks


When packing a razor or anything that can potentially ruin clothes, be sure to pack them correctly. Using an oversized binder clip to cover the razor will prevent any unforeseen incidents from happening. Be sure to place jewellery in safe containers as well as keep valuables (i.e. cash, passport, cellphone) on your person always (like inside a carry on). If there are delicate items, like an expensive silk scarf or tie, get a zip-lock clear plastic bags from the supermarket and get them sealed and protected.

Know the Rules

Read about security procedures at the airport; what are the liquid/gel allowances? Do they need to be packed in a clear, sealable plastic bag? What about the duty-free allowances? These can vary from destination to destination, and can cause major delays at customs when arriving at the other end. Some items are not allowed on aircraft (the same way a country doesn’t allow entry if carrying certain illegal items). Be sure to research the rules, this will help save on both space and money and all the hassle that comes with being stopped at the airport for things that should not have packed or carried in the first place!

Pack Two-in-One Items


Pack two in one items

Pack two in one items

For travellers that value both fashion and practicality, dual-purpose items; like a pair of jeans that can be worn during the day for something casual, or dressed up for an evening out around town; or a dress that can pass for a cool top might be just the thing.  It pays to be practical; not only are they fashionable, but they also allow travellers to be economical with money and space.

Roll, Don’t Fold

Avoid the burden of having to iron clothes after packing by rolling them. Make use of vacuum compression bags after rolling them to protect them further as well as save a little extra space.

Fill Empty Spaces


It’s as simple as that, but just remember to keep the weight in check too; no need to incur excess baggage fees. A little tip here would be to roll tops, socks, or other small items into shoes or hats to make sure every little bit of space is utilised.

Turn excess space and weight availability in to cash, by connecting with other users on AirWayBill who are seeking carriers for their precious cargo, and are looking for a more cost effective and reliable method than traditional couriers can provide. Simply download the AirWayBill app for IOS or Android and get paid for travelling or getting your items shipped more cost effectively, with no hassle!