Can’t be bothered typing a response to your messages this Ramadan – Well, there’s an emoji app for that!

HALLA WALLA, everyone’s favourite Arab emoji app, has launches a festive season Ramadan emoji pack with a special stickers and gifs to keep your spirits well and truly up during the holy month. From sesame dates to suhoor, Halla Walla’s new range lets you share the Ramadan experience with friends and family in a fun and exciting way.  

Check them out below:

Halla Walla Ramadan-02

Halla Walla Ramadan emojis


Halla Walla Ramadan-05

During Ramadan, cannons are fired to announce iftar


Halla Walla Ramadan

Date anyone?

Halla Walla Ramadan

Ramadan emoji from Halla Walla