Thinking about all the good you have in your life will give you a sense of achievement you so desperately need in all the dark times with come with failure


In all of my years of interviewing people, the one thing that is overwhelmingly obvious is that no matter what is thrown at business leaders, sports stars and actors, they are all positive in their outlook. This pushes them outside of their comfort zones and enables them to appreciate all the good that they have in their life, so even if they feel like they have failed at something, they will try it again until they get the success that they crave.


You Can’t be Everything

As much as we want to be in control of everything, the most successful people admit that they can’t so they acknowledge what areas they don’t do very well in and find other people that can. suggests that you turn to your network first. If you need help at home with the children, can your family help? Getting your budgets into hand, do you know an accountant or a manager who prepares budgets that can help? If it’s for your career or business, and you have been asked to do something by a client and you don’t know what you are doing, can your team help? If not, do you have friends/mentors that can give you advice? You will be amazed at what your networks can help with and you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out…


Be Resilient

Be Resilient



Plan, Plan, Plan

People, who can successfully juggle their time, energy, work and life, do so by planning. They are rules by their calendars and have everything allotted to the nearest 15 minutes.


Ramping this up, we are encouraged in all areas of a business to plan. Each business should have a full business plan that is regularly updated and altered. In the same way, an HR department would have their employees plan their careers and work on a regular basis so that they can track the progress and make changes in areas if necessary. Planning is vital in all walks of life if you want to make a success of something.


Be Resilient

Success is very personal, but often comes hand in hand with resilience. Being resilient means regardless as to how bad something is, the person in question will always to the bright side. “When I was at Arsenal and I broke my leg, I thought my career was over. I refused to be beaten by it. All I wanted to do was play football. It was all I know, so I just hit the gym – Hard. I continued to play at varying levels for a further 18 years!” Explained Ian Selley, Head Coach of the Arsenal Soccer School in Dubai, and previously an ex-pro with Arsenal.



Lesson to learn

Lesson to learn

Learn the Lessons

Let’s be honest, overcoming failure is hard, especially when that failure is so personal to us. But should we stop trying? No! If we learn from our mistakes each time, we will learn that we can be stronger and not make the same error we had previously, which may be the difference between your business being a success or a failure.


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