We find out how to maintain a productive relationship with your social media influencer

The use of social media stars to endorse brands has become a popular and profitable way to build awareness and credibility. Influencers are being used across every industry and have become widely accepted by the consumer.

Once a brand has decided on a social influencer it is vital to establish and create a long-lasting partnership. Just like any other relationship, your relationship with an influencer will need care.


Maurice Hamilton from SMC, shares tips on how to sustain a productive affiliation:

Create Structure

Develop an agenda and plan out everything. Ensure a complete breakdown of responsibilities has been drafted for the influencer so that he/she is aware of the expectations and the brands objectives. Leave room for the influencer to make their own suggestions, too. They may have some great ideas that you hadn’t thought of.

Influencers use social media to market themselves and their clients

Influencers use social media to market themselves and their clients

Deliver Value

If you want an influencer on your side, you need to show them the value of partnering up with your brand. How will it benefit the influencer and their audience? Influencers are protective of their audience and will only connect with brands they see value in. 

Consistency Is Key


If you really want to build your brand and divert traffic towards your business, consistency is key. Ensure the influencer posts regularly, responds in a timely manner to your followers, sparks conversation relevant to the brand and proactively interacts with the target consumer base.

With the rise of social influence, the opportunity to develop and grow relationships with key talent is critical. Once a brand establishes a mutually beneficial arrangement with the influencer it becomes a win-win for both parties.


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