Emirates Airlines has announced a new service that will ensure that all their travelers will be able to use their laptops right up until departure, with additional staff added at the gates to collect the laptops before boarding

The US and UK ban which was announced this week prevents passengers flying in from the region carrying electronic devices with them in the cabin if the item is of a certain size or over.  By enabling their passenger’s access to their laptops, iPads, kindles and even some mobile phones until the very last minutes, Emirates hope to lessen the inconvenience of their travelers.  The staff at the gates of the airline will take the devices and carry them in the hold of plane as per the new restrictions.

“The new security measure is disruptive and operationally challenging in several regards”, said Tim Clark, Emirates Presidents in a statement.  “We are working closely monitoring the business impact of this new security measure.”

The airline is one of the carriers hit the hardest by the ban.  They are informing all affected customers and coordinating with the various airport stakeholders to ensure that all measures are taken to help business people in their travels.

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