We all heard the shocking news yesterday that Trump had banned electronic devices from the cabins of flights departing from 6 countries in the Middle East and this was quickly followed with the news that the UK had also implemented the same ban. With just four days for the airlines to implement this ban, what can we bring in the cabins of our flights and who has been affected by the ban?

Basically, anyone who is travelling from the various countries in the region – Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tunisia and the UAE – will have to check in their laptops and electronic devices when travelling to the States and the UK. Specifically, the ban applies to anything that is over 6.3inches by 3.6 inches and more than 0.6 inches thick.

So what does this Mean?

Anything like laptops, Ipads, oversized smart phones, Kindles and games consoles will have to be put into your suitcase for taking away with you.

This rule is not applying only to direct flights. Anyone travelling through these countries on connecting flights will also be affected. It should also noted that if you started your journey in one of the countries named above, but using connecting flights in the UK, you too will be subject to the continued ban on the follow on flight…

The Airlines Affected

The airlines that are affected by this decision include

Some airlines may charge you for checking in such items, so we would recommend you check this information prior to flying and keep checking your airlines website for any rule changes.

Should we be Overly Concerned?

In short – NO. Neither the UK Government nor the Government of the USA are banning flights from these countries or on these airlines.

However, you should all ensure that your travel insurance will cover for the loss or damage of these devices as you will no longer be able to keep these on your person when you board. You should contact your insurer before you travel to ensure that you are covered under your policy.

For more details on how Emirates is processing this ban, click here.