I am a hard working, health conscious businessman and The Football Ramble is my guilty pleasure. For two years and twice per week the hour-long (free) relentless chunk of football banter has automatically downloaded to my podcasts and has formed the soundtrack to some of my morning gym sessions.

If you follow the English Premier League and enjoy reading about, analysing and debating and the hot topics then this is a way to be transported to the bar with the lads without the hangover or bar bill to deal with.

Marcus, Pete, Jim and Luke effortlessly bounce off each other in the way many of us can only remember from our school days, as they go on and off topic and discuss whatever they like basically, as long as it comes back to football in the end. I’m a firm believer there should be no boundaries in comedy and comedy is what this is as they swear, criticise and sound off together all in good humour, but without the restrictions of mainstream radio. Even though the shows are structured around matches and mention news topics, I have regularly listened to one from the past that’s been missed somehow and it’s still entertaining. That’s testament to just how good this show is. It’s not a serious football show and this is it’s biggest strength. However much its sponsors are paying them for the odd plug throughout the show – it isn’t enough.

Mohammed Al Shabar, 35, Accountant, Bahrain