There is a growing trend in locally produced food, maintaining a sustainable life and helping mother nature restore her glory; all of which are paramount in our current climatic conditions

With seven billion mouths to feed, human agriculture exerts a tremendous toll on the planet. The rise in pollution and habitat loss are raising concern among environmentalists; leading to a growing trend of urban farming solutions. ‘’ is an online gardening getaway stocked with the latest products and concepts launching this month to make gardening efforts stress free.

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The brand is paving the way by bringing a selection of urban living products to the UAE with an aim to encourage people to grow their own food and live more sustainable lives.

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“The benefit of urban farming is that it not only adds greenery to cities, but also reducing pollution and increases shading. Garden plots can help people reconnect with the earth, and gain a greater appreciation for where our food comes from. Having a garden is not always possible living in built up areas and so many of our products allow a stress free gardening experience.” explains, Jean – Charles Hameau, Managing Partner,

Some of the key products available at are:

      • ‘Plantui’ – A smart garden you can grow tasty, healthy fresh greens without soil. The fully automated, patented growth process with special light spectrums ensures successful and easy gardening. It is packed into a beautifully designed, compact device, made out of a high-quality metal hat and ceramic bowl, decorated with lovely designs
      • ‘Grow’ – Grow Smart Garden takes the unpredictability out of indoor gardening, so you can achieve more fresh herbs, fruits or flowers with zero effort. Using a Smart Garden is simple – . Just insert the plant capsules, fill the water tank, and plug it in. The Smart herb garden is designed to last, whenever your plants have been harvested, you can get new plants and re-use the Smart herb garden as many times as you wish!
      • ‘Mini Garden’ –With the innovative and modular wall systems it’s easy to plant Mini Garden Vertical. It’s easy to create a vegetable garden suitable for any size balcony or take a spectacular vertical wall of green plants at home or work
      • ‘Chicken Coop’ – Farmers have been raising backyard fowl for over 3,000 years but only in the last five years has it become accessible for even the beginner farmer to raise their own livestock. You are able to to raise them organically, free of hormones and antibiotics, and let them run around your yard versus being cooped up in a cage. You’ll get around 300 eggs per hen per year and chickens also make a perfect mosquito repellants. Mygreenchapter are the first suppliers of chicken coop in the UAE. Building a basic chicken coop for a small flock of birds is an easy do-it-yourself project you can take on if you have a backyard to your home

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Jean–Charles Hameau, goes on to add, “Introducing children and young adults to sustainable living is a great way to embrace a green way of living. Our products at mygreenchapter are sourced from the best brands around the globe and we are sure people will enjoy gardening with them.”

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More people around the world are taking note of the urban farming concept, which strives to make food as “local” as possible. By growing what we need near where we love, we decrease the food miles associated with long distance transportation. This initiative ensures the freshest produce money can buy, and encourages ‘farmers’ to eat in season. is set to be the UAE’s one stop shop for everyone’s gardening needs.

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