In only five months, Instagram Stories (Instagram’s answer to Snapchat) has grown to more than 150 million daily users, up from 100 million in October, with one in five stories getting a direct message from its viewers. So it’s no surprise that businesses and people are engaging with each other here — one-third of the most viewed stories come from businesses

As Jonathan Labin, Managing Director, Middle East, North Africa & Pakistan at Facebook explained: “With 150M people using Instagram Stories every day, we know that there is a significant opportunity for businesses to connect stagramwith their customers here. Ads in Instagram Stories will allow businesses in the region to target and engage with people in a visually compelling way, and in a place where they are actively engaged and spending time.” To help build on this conversation, Instagram is rolling out two new tools to help businesses connect and engage with their customers in a new, ephemeral way — stories insights in Business Tools, and full-screen ads in stories.

Insights will be made available for Stories within Business Tools globally and will include reach, impressions and replies.

Following this, Instagram will be unveiling an initial test of immersive, full screen ads in Stories with targeting, reach and measurement capabilities to enable businesses to make intimate and personally relevant ads for the people who watch them. The test includes 30+ clients from around the world, including: Capital One, General Motors, Buick, Nike, Yoox, Netflix, and Shiseido.

You can read more on their blog post. See below for a list of initial ads in Stories partners in EMEA:

  • Adidas
  • Universal UK Movies

 “The Instagram community has embraced Instagram Stories with incredible creativity, and there are now more than 150 million people using it every day,” explained Amy Cole, Head of Brand Development, EMEA at Instagram. “Over the past five months, we’ve seen that people are naturally really interested in stories from businesses; so much so that a third of the most viewed stories today are from businesses. From today, business will be able to use ads in Instagram Stories to communicate with a global audience, in an immersive experience we know people love. We’re excited to see how businesses in the Middle East respond to this new format over the coming months.”

 “There is real momentum behind Instagram Stories in the region, as a place to share everyday moments in a fun expressive way.

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